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~box mag issue 1 cover image

By Daree Florence~

The cliche goes: Live life outside the box.

But what does this really mean. Are you to live life wild and free without direction? Does this mean that one is to move sporadically while lacking time for thought? Or to just be yourself?

Life outside the box is just existence in the world of the unknown. A life of uncertainty. However, why is uncertainty regarded with a negative connotation. When looking at the successful entrepreneurs and business owners of our time such leverage was only obtained by taking risks. Mark Zuckerberg would not have become the Founder of Facebook upon living life inside the box. For at the time of creation, Facebook existed in an open space of uncertainty. This new means of communication and media was considered unmarked territory at the time. 50 Cent would not have the networth of $155 Million had he not stepped outside of his comfort zone as a rapper and moved on to more projects such as production, writing, and investments.

One only chooses to remain within the box of life when not fully confident in the power possessed within. Outside the box of life exists one’s creativity. It is one’s creativity that empowers one to become successful in the midst of the uncertainty that exists in the abst of life outside the box. #RealisticLinxMagazine captures the lives and different stories from those who have chosen to live life outside of the box. Each feature, writer, stylist, make up artist, hairstylist, motivational speaker, photographer, model, DJ, and creative entrepreneur powerhouse in the magazine are living proof as to what can happen when one believes in oneself and steps outside of the box.


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