Realistic Linx is a Consulting & Creative Public Relations Agency, specializing in entrepreneurship. We are a multifaceted company that links desirable services with quality products for consumer satisfaction.

alternate textRealistic Linx has one goal in mind & that is You! Through extensive advertisement, branding & along with an array of Public Relations services geared towards your brand’s development, we will go above and beyond to solidify your brand’s existence within the market at bay. Realistic Linx has acquired access to widely renowned organizations and figures throughout the country as well as the World Wide Web in various platforms allowing us to place our clients within the appropriate infrastructure necessary for their success.

Realistic Linx currently harbors a team of alliances & partnerships of driven, savvy, professional & individuals within an assortment of fields that links to different Industries of business. Our team includes Consultants, Brand & Marketing Directors, Photographers, Writers, and Publicists, Glam Squad Team as well as interns & upcoming entrepreneurs in the making leading it on the road towards becoming a major empire.

Realistic Linx renders an abundance of services that links with quality products to assist in formulating an effective plan to reach the heights necessary to gain indispensible exposure to be triumphant in all your endeavors. Realistic Linx works with real people, offering real opportunities ending with real results and success.

Founder & CEO “Your Network creates your Net Worth,” is the slogan Evanna Kearney, better known as Ms. Evanna K. lives by and truth be told it is what has brought her thus far in the entertainment industry today. The entertainment industry can be quite complex to penetrate and succeed within but with a go getter mentality as the one Evanna contains, one can learn through experience and teach the lessons. From Celebrity hairstylist, Image / Brand Consultant, PR, Project manager, Media personality over all Entrepreneur. Evanna K. has accomplished more within the last 15 years than most do in a lifetime.

Evanna K. was willing to make tough decisions regardless of the risks, costs and bumps along the road to success. Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, Evanna K. has always had a passion for music, fashion and entertainment venturing into various fields allowing her to pursue her passion and goals. As a freelancer in New York City, she was able to land herself a gig as a celebrity hairstylist with BET. She had the privilege of styling attendees of BET Notarized and 106 & Park. Through her superb and effective networking abilities Evanna was able to collaborate with a celebrity wardrobe stylist and work during BET’s annual Rip the Runway fashion show and alongside of some of the music industry’s top record labels & clients.

Mission Statement

Realistic Linx has an objective to aide in development & entrepreneur skill sets that are necessary for the expansion of a brand or business. As well as what is needed to thrive within the entertainment, beauty & fashion industry. Realistic Linx is providing a training orientated, development, branding, networking and advertisement platform that will allow an individual or company to have an effective yearly schedule that will adhere to the goals at hand.


Evanna expanded her skills while interning with “Drahma Magazine.” Due to her strong work ethic and connections with high profile celebrities and companies nationwide, Evanna was promoted and became the head of the Public Relations department. Evanna’s character of optimism, organization, drive, endurance, discipline and courage to go beyond what was expected of her from the company. This served as an inspiration that instilled her faith in expanding her vision on her own.

In noticing the company’s downsize, Evanna decided to enter the world of an entrepreneur. Inhabiting ideas, vision and more experience the time came and she was ready for the next level and in 2012 established her own company, Realistic Linx Inc. – Consulting & Creative Public Relations Agency. “The Link between Ordinary & Extraordinary.” She wasn’t sure about where the brand would go , but she was very confident with knowing she wanted to build something with REAL people , REAL Purpose & offer REAL Opportunities.

Realistic Linx consisted of one person, Ms. Evanna K. Using her connections she began working with clients within the entertainment industry. Evanna went on to coordinating music video shoots behind the scenes for various artists, including rappers Camron, Maino, Waka Flocka and more. Her role as casting director continued to grow and developed into project manager. She went on to work on projects such as Spider Man 2, Jamie Fox’s Summer Jam 2012 performance, Jay Z “Picasso Baby” and also worked at Rhymes & Dimes Magazine as the in house Celebrity Hairstylist , New Media Coordinator and Media personality for the magazine brand.

Evanna gained an efficient amount of experience on the field leading her to venture into a more detailed aspect of the business. Evanna has decided to enter the corporate sector in a way that will allow her to assist others those who have entrepreneurial aspirations. Creating a diverse number of platforms to help these individuals, Evanna has taken Realistic Linx to the next level by branching out with other clientele categories outside of the entertainment business.

Evanna’s audacity to dream and work outside of the norm has continually strengthened her as a dynamic woman of vision, creativity, talent, loyalty, ambition, determination and endurance. Such qualities are what guarantees a rise in stature for Realistic Linx Consulting & Creative Public Relations Agency and Ms. Evanna K. as an